Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Milk supply dropped

I can feel like my milk supply is getting lesser recently, sometimes i only able to pump around 100ml, i don't know why my supply suddenly dropped since i still eat like normal and drink soup 3 times a day. Other than soup, i drink a lot of water and milk too, just don't know why...I am not sure whether the baby can get enough milk from me or not, but since i can change 3 nappies within 15 minutes, and he poos everyday (twice or thrice), so i guess he is actually getting enough. But don't know why he still looks very small, maybe breast milk is lack of artificial fats!


MIM said...

Huisia, if you pump more often the body will produce more milk. Initially I only had 2oz but by 3rd-4th week, able to get 5 oz.

michelle said...

Avoid taking ginger and dong ngui, it can reduce milk. Eat lots of fish.

shoppingmum said...

Agree with Michelle, if can, nurse and pump at the same time to cheat the body you are feeding twins.
The more the milk is out, the more you will produce.