Sunday, July 01, 2007

I paid extra RM25 for the notebook cooler pad

I bought the notebook cooler pad from "Clickers, Luyang" at RM40 last Tuesday. I just can't believe my eyes when i saw the super low price offered in Karamunsing. Do you know what is the price offered? It is just RM15...gosh, although both of the packagings are different, but the cooler pad in Karamunsing one looks exactly the one i bought from "Clickers". just RM15, another RM40, what a big gap there! For more information about this post, you can link back to my
older post. Anyway, this cooler pad is very great, at least it can keep cool to my notebook.

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L B said...

When that happens to me, I will also feel very tulan!! Haha, life is sometimes so unfair!