Sunday, July 22, 2007

Washable Fauxwood blinds

Weather here is just so hot, even with the air-conditioner on still can't repel the heat from the sunlight. I hate the sweating feel and some more i can't wash my hair for 30 days. I hate to be confined in this taboo rules, but what to do since my mother said this is good to me in order not to get the headache during my confinement period. I really keep my fingers and toes crossed, what i wanted now is WASH MY HAIR!!

Speaking to the hot, actually i know there are some energy savings blinds that have features like providing insulation during the winter and repel the heat during the summer time. Just imagine, you can save your energy bills for not over-working for your air-conditioner to cool your room. Sigh, it is just too late for me to realize that. If not, sure i will install one in my bedroom so that i can enjoy my confinement month. Anyway, i am planning to install the
faux wood blinds in my new bought home, i like this blinds as it is fully washable, that's so good for my kids as both of them have sensitive noses. Now, i even can get 25% off with the coupon...that's really save my wallet!