Sunday, July 22, 2007

Residential and Commercial Mailboxes

Normally we only able to see the RED color mailboxes in front of our house. Red is just a common color we have in our country, to be honest, it's so dull and vapid to have the standard mailboxes around our streets. It's rare to see the special design of
residential and commercial mailboxes in our country. Even you walk pass the shop lots, what the mailboxes you normally can see are like two peas in a pod. Isn't it dull?

I hate to see the RED color mailbox hang over my gate anymore, i bet even the postman also hate to despatch the letters into those machine-made RED mailboxes everyday. Well, I like to have some distinct mailbox design like those provided by
mailboxixchange. There have huge selection of residential and commercial mailboxes available for customers to customize their desired mailbox design.

After discussed with my dear hubby, i am going to order this
Estate Whitehall Mailbox, i like the bronze color very much and it is definitely suited my house's wall color. I can save 15% from the market price if i order today! What a great deal they are offering!