Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I want to wash my hair

I want to wash my hair, still have 10 days to go till i can wash my hair. I hate being confined in this taboo rule, i am so dirty and so sticky. Though i take bath everyday, the herbal water that i am taken only brings more sticky to my body, i hate this, do you know that? My mother said i only can wash my hair on 4/8/07, really keep my fingers and toes crossed, hope the time can fly more faster so that i can give myself a very good wash!


Simple American said...

Is there any scientific basis for this. Some old ways or good. But some are not.

Hope you are not too miserable.

Vien said...

Aiya, luckily i didn't follow this rule. I washed my hair the first after I got out from the hospital. The rule is make sure u are thoroughly dry, wear ur clothes quickly (stay warm) and blow dry your hair immediately.

CRIZ LAI said...

Aiya...that's sure very uncomfortable for you. Hope the days passes on quickly. Anyway, congrats on your newborn and thanks for the comment.

Criz Lai
( I related to Joshua? I'm Lai too.. haha)