Sunday, July 01, 2007

Reef Sandals

Horray, Summer is finally here! I love Summer so much especially i can indulge and relax myself on beach. Plus, i can enjoy the sun bathe in order to have healthy skin tone color. Since Summer is very hot here, i have been thinking to buy a pair of sandals in order to keep odor free for my feet. What kind of sandals should i buy? I am thinking to buy a trendy sandals so that can match my bikini swimsuit too.

Hunting around to few shops, i just couldn't find the comfortable sandals that suited me well. I dislike some sandals that would leave red marks on my toes due to the uncomfortable straps. I prefer the sandals have anti-slippery feature, so that I can wear them safely even it is raining. So, looking the good sandals that can mold my feet comfortably actually is not easy too.

Fortunately, my friend had introduced me about the Reef sandals, I doted on Reef at my first glance especially the "Sandy Pink" sandals. The features are comfortable, wide woven and with double layered strap. The flattering wedge shape is good for a natural feel as well.

I can oder my Reef Sandals Online now, and i am entitled to get the free ground shipping if my orders are over $75. Isn't it sound good? I think I should buy a pair of man's Reef Sandals for my hubby as well.

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