Monday, July 02, 2007

Call 100 to make your complaint

Friends, if your Streamyx connection is as suck as mine and you have been thinking to make a complaints, just call 100 to contact to their customer service. But, bear in mind, the solution given by them will make you feel like "vomiting blood", so it is really up to you whether you want to call them or not. If you don't want to call them, just bear the unstable connection you have.

I had made my complaints that my connection keep on disconnecting every 10 minutes or lesser, the solution they provided is : -
"Miss, you can off your modem, unplug the cable, off your pc then plug in the cable, on your modem and pc again, after this, you can have your connection again"

So, i asked her "is it meant that i need to repeat this everytime my line is down", i guess you already known the answer. You're right, she answered "YES"....gosh, can you stand this solution? On and off...wah, it totally wasting my time! Some more, i don't think this is the wise answer and solution.


khai khee said...

last time my streamyx here also like tat. call the customer service and talk to them until i wan to vomit blood already. but we have not much choices.. :(

L B said...

OMG! I am terrified of streamyx now!

sue said...

I think after a few calls with the same problem you need to be harsh-er with them. Did they change their number? I thought their technical enquiry number is 1-300-88-9515?