Sunday, July 01, 2007

Safe n Sound pillow - Peace of mind for parents

Got this “Safe n Sound” natural latex pillow for No.2, I bought it immediately once I saw it during my last checkup. It costs RM22 and its features are: -
-- Non-allergenic
-- Breathable
-- Long Lasting Support
-- Anti-dust mite
-- Anti-fungus
-- Anti-bacteria

** Our unique Pin-Care Latex Foam Pillow is designed to help reduce the risk of your baby suffocating. Specially moulded pin-holes and millions of tiny air cells allow fresh air to flow through, ensuring better quality sleep for baby. Our Latex Pillow is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and does not retain dust or fluff. The Safe n Sound Pillow will always stay resilient, never hardening or becoming lumpy. **

And i bought the pillow case as well

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papajoneh said...

Not yet ah... ok... :)
Nice pillow... I probably get it... in two sets :D

B4 i forget, all the best in the delivery. May the almighty be with you and the babies, the Angels, sing songs for the new born baby. Smooth delivery :D