Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cheap Broadband service

I really not sure what broadband service providers we have in Malaysia. Roughly know there are 3 service providers like Maxis, TMNet and Jaring. If you ask me which provider offers the best price in town, be frankly, sorry i really don't know, but since most of Malaysian choosing TM streamyx so i think Streamyx still is the famous among all. But, what i paid really not equal what i received. The line is terrible and dropped oftenly especially at the peak hour in morning.

In UK, the situation is totally different, there have numerous of
broadband suppliers which are including AOL, Demon, Pupex, NTL, BT Total and more. The speed they offer even much more faster than our speed offered here, like the BT Total, their speed can up to 8Mb at £8.95 per month. Really unbelievable, isn't it? For UK residents, they are always can look for the cheapest broadband suppliers by comparing the prices and speeds via this Broadband Offers Comparison Table. I always ponder why in Malaysia here doesn't have this sort of site for us to compare the prices between all the major ISPs, i hate to sign up blindly without more comparison, some more like what i said, the current connection i have is totally bring hassle for me sometimes.

Actually, do you understand what is
Broadband? I think most of us just wanted to join the internet bandwagon but totally don't have idea how the broadband works. Check it out yourself, don't simply jump into the bandwagon without much understanding. Do choose your desired speed that meet your budget.