Friday, August 24, 2007

A broken fridge

Oh no, there is a malfunction of my fridge, in fact now is a right time to change my old fridge which is quite energy consuming. As my father said, new technology fridge can save my electric bill, ya, that's right! Normally, i would search my targeted big ticket item online first prior to buying, through searching, i was able to know what is the latest model, what is the best deal and what is the features, basically just a plain searching as i would opt for buying my big ticket item from offline local retailer shop. This is because i am not believing the reliability of my local home appliance websites. If i can find a local website like, i definitely will buy my refrigerator through them. I like the Frigidaire so much and they have a host of Frigidaire Ranges of refrigerators for choice. That's why i like so much as they can deliver pinpointing results to customers by browsing their website.

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