Friday, August 24, 2007

I am not a greedy fox

This whole week i didn't see any opp from my FAV.S, but just now when i refreshed the page, i saw 3 opps at 12.6, 6, 30 respectively. Of course with my very fast action i took the 30, but the page linked me out and wanted me to sign in again. However, i still able to see 12,6 and 30 after login. So weird, why the high payouts still there, it should be only left the 6 since everyone wants to grab high payout. Well, i took the 30 again, alamak, this post with hard requirements, so i removed the 30 and took the 12.6, though the price is lesser at least easy to write lo...i still have few from my another FAV.B and it almost due, so better don't be too greedy. And till now i am still not sure whether i can finish them or not?!

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