Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A good travel blog

Travelling is the utmost enjoyment in our life, every time we travel, we broaden our horizons. There is one famous phrase "enrich your knowledge by travelling surpass you get your knowledge from book", ya, i am quite agreed on this phrase, so one of my dream is i am able to travelling around the world with my loved hubby. Recently we are planning to have vacation to Ireland, incidentally, my hubby thinking to visit his schoolmate who is staying in Dublin.

We feel extra jittery for this travelling since we never travel to Europe country, hubby suggested we can buy the travel introduction book like "Lonely Planet" in order to know more about the Ireland, but in my mind, the introduction and recommendation of place of interest as well as restaurants from travel book are indeed not reliable at all, as a matter of fact, i prefer to read the real stories and experiences from the travellers.

Like the resourceful information provided by travel blog is ready for my digestion, in the blog, the editors will pick the most attractive travel stories, photos and recommendations from the RealTravel community hence to provide fascinating insights into different travelling destinations. Plus, travel blog gives us other must-know information like getting idea of places to go, the latest deal, compare prices as well as forum community.

Do you know, i was thrilled whenever i read the Malaysia Highlights from the travel blog, truth be told, i have very little knowledge about my country even i'm a Malaysian. That's a good highlighted for me to know more about my country! :)

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John said...

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