Friday, August 31, 2007

We watched Ratatouille

Brought Jo to watch the Ratatouille this afternoon, not a wonderful outing as he didn't show any interest in this movie. If you let him compare Ratatouille with Transformer, i believe he will tell you he loves Transformer more than this cartoon. He tends to dote on watching violence movie more than this childish movie. I didn't plan to bring him out indeed since my cough still on and off and really afraid my cough would affect other movie goers. But, since today is holiday, Jo's cousin were not coming to my house and some more my parents had their own activities, that's why i still brought him out though i am still coughing.

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LZmommy said...

Planning to bring LZ for the movie... But also not sure if they like it... Z is same as Jo, Transformer fan :)

It's good that you spend time alone with him. Hope you will recover soon, the cough has been going for some time now right?