Monday, August 27, 2007

He's going to vacation again

That's why i always say being rich is lucky, like my uncle, he is always has extra money to travel around the world. If i want my life like him, i think i should work 10 times harder in order to have this extra money to pay my travel expenses.

Recently, this rich uncle is going to have pleasant vacation to Maui. His kids like sun and beaches very well, thus, Maui is his prior option when comes to vacation plan. Sigh, Maui is just so far away from my mind, i simply not sure whether i have chance to visit there or not since i am not as wealthy as him. This uncle not only has the joyous travelling, the
Maui vacation homes he has chosen also is the most splendid one. See, how good to be a rich guy, can enjoy the vacation and staying in the comfortably vacation home. As for me, i think i only able to afford paying the 2 star hotel instead of 5 star. I am start looking for some articles from Hawaiian Local Travel Blog, i hope i can find some cheap packages including cheap air ticket and cheap accommodation, so that i can have my own vacation, i just hate to stare green with envy whenever hearing people talking about their vacation plans.

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