Saturday, August 25, 2007

I can't trust F-E-E-D anymore

I am too relying on feed, but feed actually sometimes fail to update me with the new opp popping, that's why recently i rarely write for the adv.R! I can accept LIMA PULUH campaign offers per month (previously was SEPULUH), but i only took EMPAT for the month of August. I don't trust the feed anymore, i manage to take the SEPULUH RINGGIT just now when i manually searched for the campaign offer, i saw the offer inside my account, but the feed at my toolbar show nothing. So, how to trust its efficiency?

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khai khee said...

can i check with you what feed toolbar are u using? i am jus starting to use one.. out-dated liao me..and 1 more thing, how do u get those rss or atom for blogspot? thanks a lot, yeah..