Monday, August 20, 2007

I want debt relief

I want debt relief...i want, i want!
Be frankly, i think you will want it too, right? Who wants to carry an overwhelming debts, i believe none at all, but our current lifestyle just make us difficult to get rid of those debts! We spend everyday, but do you really calculate your daily earned enough for your daily spent? I calculated mine, let say if i only able to earn $25 per day, then i would try not to spend more than $25 within the day. This simply want to avoid some financial hardship, being a mother of 2, i admitted sometimes i need to be wise when comes to spending money. However, sometimes we could have unforeseen circumstance, the sudden coming matter would make us spent more like recently we have spent 10 thousand to repay our mortgage former bank after refinancing our house with other bank. That's not a small amount, isn't it? That's why it is easily to accumulate our debts that out of our expectation. We need Debt Relief, as i know a proper debt relief program will definitely save us for not falling down to the heavy debt's trap. Some more, Credit Card Consolidation is important as well, as sometimes we just too relying on using credit card.

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