Sunday, August 26, 2007

Looking for a cough remedy

I am looking for a cough remedy, i need it indeed as i still cough heavily especially at night. Like yesterday, i coughed the whole night till i vomited and this morning i almost lost my voice. Sigh, i haven't recovered my cough but it seems another sickness is tagging along now. What happened to my health? I wish i know...Last Tuesday i was taken the bird nest, and yesterday i took another "pou" soup, sigh, none of them could cure my for the medicine from doctor, i got a lot, same result as there are useless. If you have any good cough remedy, please let me know, i just don't want to spread my germs! I am going to meet Julian soon, so i really don't want his daughter gets infected by my germs, so does my Elijah.


Health Freak Mommy said...

Why dont you try the inhaler? I was like you too after my 1st confinement and i coughed like mad for months until i saw this heart surgeon who gave me an inhaler and i was cured within days.

shooi said...

When medicines don't work, i turn to health supplements like E Excel. They help to build your body's immune system to fight the virus.

I normally don support these MLM company but their products have been pretty effective so far. Me, my dad and recently Bryan has taken them and it seemed to helped us regain health faster.

Kevin@Cough Home Remedy said...

Lime and cinnamon – This mixture is perfect cough home remedy. This combination cuts down the excess mucus while Vitamin C boosts the immune system.