Thursday, August 30, 2007

Durian mooncake from Tai Thong

This is the Durian mooncake from Tai Thong restaurant, all the while i love durian very much but i didn't take any during my 9 month of pregnancy and also not dare to take now since i am breastfeeding my baby. This durian mooncake can substitute the real durian and give me the heavenly taste. I won't feel guilty for taking this, just hope it won't aggravate my cough. :) Aiya, i supposed to take the inside stuff, but i only remember after finished eating. Really forgetful these days..


shooi said...

I took a lot of durian during my pregnancy. And durian during breastfeeding helped to increase my milk a lot.

A lot of my bfg colleagues also commented that milk supply increased after eating durian.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Does Durian mooncake taste nice? I think it will be very sweet eh?

huisia said...

Shireen - not that sweet, very suit my taste :)