Wednesday, August 29, 2007

He wants Hilux

My FIL has an old type Hilux, recently he has been thinking to trade in his old Hilux to get a new Hilux. Men are men, always treat car as their second wife, but i just can't understand what for to buy a new Hilux, some more, my hubby is the one who is going to bear the monthly installment. That's what i dislike, if you want the car then just make sure you are affordable to pay, else, please don't buy and don't spread the burden to others. We have our own burden, ok?

Hubby is a fealty son, he won't say any word to his father, what he will do is just give in volunteerly even though it is pressurized into doing this. He always keeps his manner in this way to please people. I know i can't say anything since he is the one who earns money and that's no wrong for treating his father good, so i better zip my mouth so that we can avoid further argument.

In fact, is it necessary to buy a brand new car, how about used car? I believe it is easy to find a good looking and well maintenance Used Cars, why doesn't him try to look one? Sigh..

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