Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday hunting

Tonight is a raining night, like what i have mentioned before, i'll feel ache around my joints whenever it is raining, of course i am suffering now! Some more my back is so painful as this morning i hand-washed all Elijah's clothes and nappies, i'm salute how my maid managed to hand-wash everyday, just one day i already feel like my back wanted to break. That's why i don't like Sunday as Sunday means no maid to me, last Sunday my mother helped me to finish all the laundry, but this week i did everything by myself except giving bath to baby.

This morning was pretty busy, woke up at 7:35am, it was already 9am after feeding Elijah. This baby can use 1 hour to finish 3oz of milk, that's so slow compare with Jo. Jo was super fast drinker, so feeding Jo was quite easier than feeding Elijah. Then i used another hour to hand-washing all the Elijah's clothes and nappies, after that still needed to sterilizing his bottles and my pump. By the time i sat down was almost noon time. Went out to take brunch and went to Karamunsing to shop for birthday present, new arrival presents for Papajoneh's twins and of course i won't forget to buy for my Jo and Elijah! That's a fruitful shopping in Kid's Avenue as i have spent RM400+ for all the presents!

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papajoneh said...

You don't have to do that Huisia... especially at your coughing condition and traveling all the way to K'munsing. but nevertheless, we owe u alot.. especially the advice u have given me throughout this hard period. Thanks my friend. My wife feels he same way too :)