Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Consulted doctor again

Consulted doctor yesterday as i really couldn't stand the cough, i coughed the whole night without sleeping, i was extremely tired and that's why i didn't do my paid post heavily like what i have done previously. I tried to grab time to rest during day time as doctor said i must rest well in order to lessen my bronchitis problem. I know i am so deprived of sleep, but what to do, having a little baby sure can't enjoy much luxury sleeping time, right? Doctor said he will prescribe me the inhaler if my cough can't be cured within the next 5 days, i keep my fingers and toes crossed as i really hope i can recover from this bad cough. He has prescribed me the antibiotic, i am quite skeptical to take though he said the medicine is safe for breastfeeding mommy. Today i bought the medicines to my gynae and asked for her opinion, she said those medicines are safe even safe for pregnant woman. Finally i relieve my worries upon hearing this. Oh, ya, today i had my pad smear test that charged RM105.

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Vien said...

Gosh, Hui Sia, I hope the antibiotics work for you. Have you considered hiring part-time help to take care of the kids while you recuperate?