Saturday, August 18, 2007

Elijah on day 44

Today (18.8.07) marks the day 44 for baby Elijah : -
- He sleeps most of the time in morning and awake at night time.
- He seems difficult to fall asleep at night time (maybe due to overly sleep at day time).
- He likes his avent's soother occasionally.
- He can drink 4oz of formula milk every 2 1/2 to 3 hour.
- He poo once a day.
- He likes playing water during his bath time.
- He smiles when people calling him.
- He coos a lot.
- He can turn his body to side.
- He likes my breasts.
- He looks alike me.
- He likes people talk and sing to him.
- He likes music.
- He sweats when no air-cond.
- He arches his body and stretches his hands when he wants people carry him.
- He likes to be clean and dry, he hates his pat pat with moist nappy.

Elijah no longer breastfeeding exclusively since 05.08.07, some more my milk supply has dropped as taking the cough and flu medicine. Anyway, i will try to breastfeed him exclusively later once i recovered from my sick. I really want to give the best for him!

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