Friday, August 24, 2007

Pediasure for Jo

Recently Jo doesn't show any interest in taking his milk, all the while he liked his milk so much but just don't know why suddenly he seems like wanted to wean off. Basically, i don't agree kid stop taking milk at such a young age as milk is full of essential nutrients that's good for their growth. I have introduced him with other brands of formula but he doesn't like them too. My paed suggested me can try to feed him Pediasure since this formula is great for undernourished children especially those fussy eater. Jo definitely needs this formula as he is a fussy eater. I found this Pediasure that has 6 different flavor options at medical supplies site, though i can buy Pediasure from my local retailer, none of the retailer can provide another flavor other than chocolate flavor. That's why i have to order my Pediasure from as Jo doesn't like the chocolate flavor. I hope Jo will drink the Pediasure willingly, if not, it's really wasting my money!

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