Thursday, August 30, 2007

Business for myself

All the while i know writing paid post can't be a long term income, that's why recently i have been thinking to set up my own business. I don't have experience in business setting but my cousin can help me as he is experienced in business management. How good can be an own boss, at least i won't be necessary to rush back home to cook for my family, my working time is my personal time as well, that's really different with working for other!

Everyone wants to look smart and wear designer sunglasses from leading brands, some more due to the scorching sun here, i bet selling Sunglasses may bring more high revenue for me. Of course, due to the standard of living here, i believe not everyone is affordable to buy the brand sunglasses since some can charge as high as people monthly salary. That's why i think replica sunglass will be the best item as a selling point. If i can provide the good quality of replica sunglasses, then i think people will tend to buy since nobody will refuse to accept a good thing with a good price. As for the stock, i definitely will order my stock from Wholesale Sunglasses company.

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Malathy said...

Well written article. Selling sun glasses..Hmm.. I though standard of living in China is pretty good!