Thursday, August 23, 2007

Honeymoon in Hawaii

My cousin, Louis will surprise his girlfriend with Hawaii Travel air tickets. My cousin is a romantic guy, he has planned to buy a bouquet of flower and put the air tickets inside the bouquet hence to give her a surprise. And, my cousin is going to propose to his girlfriend during their vacation in Hawaii. That's so wonderful and how lucky of a girl to have such a romantic boyfriend. Hawaii is a romantic place, i believe they can have their best time and memories after the vacation. My cousin asked me to book an accommodation for them since he seldom online. I was told that the Hawaii home rentals are suitable for couples as it is close to town, so other than relaxing themself on beach, they can do their shopping as well. His girlfriend is a shopping queen and i guess she will love this arrangement. I have introduced Louis about the Hawaii travel blog too, so that he can get more information during their travelling to Hawaii. And the most important is hope his girlfriend will agree the proposing. That's definitely a nice pre-honeymoon in Hawaii. :)

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