Saturday, August 25, 2007

I am a multitasker

I am a multi-tasker, you know why i said like that? My hands can "ti-ti-tak-tak" on the keyboard, my brain can process what i wanted to type, my mouth can talk to Jo and my eyes can look after Elijah. So, can i consider a potential multi-tasker? Truthfully, right?

I slept at 3am, did my pending posts and took care of Elijah, this little fella woke up at 10pm and only dozed off again around 2:45am, he was just so energetic to stare at his mobile, crying for milk, cooing and smiling. I was entertained and i was stress at the same time. I was entertained when he smiled at me but i was stress when he kept crying for no reason.

Being a mother really a taxing job! Now my brain, body and soul have been refreshed as i slept till 9:30am, i think i could sleep even more if Jo not disturbed me. Anyway, 6+ hour is enough for me.

1 comment:

LZmommy said...

U have been doing very well, taking care of them alone and doing pay posts :)