Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Internet Advertising Revenue

Do you know what is the great joyous to be a web user? Personally, my great joyous to be a web user is i am able to earn money from internet, truth be told, we can find a host of websites that we can make money nowadays. Like the Dclickads, it is a new advertising network that allows both webmasters to increase advertising revenue and publishers to increase traffic and clicks. In a nutshell, Dclickads provides service for advertiser to place advertisement on publisher websites, advertiser can decide which websites they would like to place their advertisement while publisher is paid monthly for advertising zone space on publisher website that publisher has sold. Ad Zones can be the text link ads, graphic banner ads, and embedded inline ads. Simply put an Ad Zone in an area available on a webpage for an advertiser to purchase and place their advertisement.

Advertisers can register for an account, then browse the site directory and decide which banner, text link, or embedded inline link advertisements they want to purchase. After that, add the advertising zones to you cart and make payment, your advertisement will appear in 24 hours upon approval. As for the advertisement placing cost, it depends on how much the publisher has set. Plus, it is free to browse the publisher inventory.

Do read their FAQ if you want to know more how Dclickads can benefit both advertiser and publisher.

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