Friday, August 31, 2007

Submit my blog and gain more traffic

What is the main purpose of setting up a blog? I have 2 blogs, i update my blogs diligently and i hope readers like to read on what i have written. I want to generate more traffic to my blogs hence to increase my blogs popularity. Be frankly, i just don't have any idea on how to help my blogs gain more traffic. In fact, i had submitted my blogs to some search engines, but the result still not noticeable.

Fortunately, i was told that my blogs can be submitted to Alive blog directory which will help my blogs be spotted easily by others. This Alive Blog Directory is built on the established and trusted Alive Directory resource and it offers comprehensive selection of blog categories, deep link submission options and others. As for the blog listing, i can choose either standard or featured with yearly or permanent submission options.

Isn't it sound good for web users who are thinking to yield more traffic for their site? For me, it's a great news, so why wait? I just hope my blogs can reach to top hits one day in future!

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