Saturday, August 25, 2007

Keep first aid kits at home

Do you have first aid kits ready at your home? Do you know the important of keeping first aid kits at home especially you have kids around? I never taken this into consideration, but recently there was an accident happened at my aunt's house, they couldn't find a plaster and gauze when their daughter's head hurt by the throwing stone from their neighbor's kid. The blood kept flowing and they were trembling when they couldn't find anything to stop the blood. I have learnt from this incident and now i only understand the importance of having first aid kits at home is necessary.

I have stumbled across to this book Wilderness First Aid: When You Can't Call 911, in the nutshell, we can have peace of mind by reading this easy to follow first aid text, basically, i need this sort of information very much since i don't have experience to handle outdoor emergencies beyond the reach of ambulance. Plus, this book Good Housekeeping Family First Aid also provide me a very resourceful idea when comes to handling family indoor emergencies.

I like to spend my time at as other than hunting my desired items, i can compare the price from different merchants prior adding my item to cart. In their system, they have a host of first aid kits as well as book for choice, simply choose the eyeing item then compare the price and get reviewed the particular store, i believe i won't spend more with the ability of price comparison system provided by them.

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