Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lost and Lousy

Wah wah wah...the lima puluh per post popping out again, of course, i always can see but can't eat. What to do, really have to say my big TQ to streamyx as the line is super lousy here. In here, i need at least 10 minutes to login to tigaP, it only took 1 minute or even lesser to login to tigaP when i was in China. That's why i really miss my China's connection and i could earn more during my stayed in China...I have been thinking to terminate my streamyx though the terms and condition said the line can't be terminated before 1 year. Sure i won't terminate if i can have smooth connection, but, most of the time the line is unstable then tell me how to pay my money happily and willingly? Do you still remember i have bought the 16 pieces background paper from, i have not fully downloaded those papers due to the lousy connection here!

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