Friday, August 24, 2007

A comprehensive baby store

Last Sunday when i was shopping at Kids Avenue, Karamunsing, there was an expected mother picking few glass milk bottles from the rack, i felt weird since nowadays people seldom opt for glass milk bottle. I asked her why doesn't she choose Avent since Avent is a famous product for baby? But she said she won't believe the reliability of using plastic bottle as plastic bottle will release some chemical smell while sterilizing it. In fact, i have already heard this issue several times from different mommies, but i never taken it as consideration. I feel worrying now since i have a newborn baby who is using Avent. I think i should get some expert advices rather than self-worrying here, baby store is my prior thinking site as i can ask my question whether the polycarbonate plastic is harmful to my baby or not. I believe i can get my answer from them very soon. At, i can find other interesting reviews that can help me to improve my motherhood skills as well. Do drop by to their site if you have problem in handling everything about baby.

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