Saturday, August 25, 2007

Trip to Berlin and Vienna

Other than having vacation, i really don't know what is the best remedy to relax my hectic life recently. I want a break, a throughly break, if possible i want to go alone and enjoy a life without baby's crying, toddler's screaming and busy workloads. I wish i can have 8 hour sleep, a hot coffee and a hot bun for my breakfast, visiting around all the places that i want to go and have a pleasure dinner without people disturbing me. I simply need this personal time to refresh and recharge myself.

As for my vacation dream place, Germany is my first choice of place, as i can visit to the famous exhibition "Scenes of Silence" in Rendsburg and go for the themed exhibition "Elisabeth of Thuringia. A European Saint" on the Wartburg Castle. Other than that, i can take a flight to Vienna from Berlin as well. Vienna is my another dream place, now, there are numerous of low cost flights from Germany to Austria, with those super offers, i can visit to St.Stephan's cathedral, Vienna State Opera and Vienna's museums. I believe everything is just within my travel's budget.

As for the accommodation, it is a time to look for cheap Hotels in Berlin and cheap Hotels in Vienna now, in fact, 2 star hotel is very suitable for me if i go alone for this vacation so that i can save more money hence to buy some keepsakes for my friends and family. If you're also interested to book your vacation rentals in Berlin and Vienna, you can check out the above 2 links or you can check for these translated links Hotels in Berlin and Hotels in Vienna.

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