Saturday, August 25, 2007

Should i go for Bariatric Surgery?

I still have 8kg to shed off in order to go back to my ideal weight, but it's quite difficult to shed off since i hate all of the diet plans and i simply don't have time to exercise. Diet definitely not a good choice as starving will lead me to more depression and it is not good for health as well. Besides that, i am breastfeeding my baby, then how can i opt for dieting? As for the exercise, in fact i like yoga very much, however 24 hour a day just not enough for me to juggle family, kids and work together, then how can i have extra time pampering myself in yoga practicing? I have a paranoid recently, should i opt for bariatric surgery that can provide me the safest and least invasive weight-loss surgery? I think i should find out more information about this surgery, and the most important is it expensive to have bariatric surgery?

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