Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Strengthen my immune system

Like what i use to say, health is much more important than money, so, please do concern your health at the same time you earn for your money. :)

Recently, i have been quite concerning about my health, as i have serious arthritis and it goes worse when comes to raining. Very unfortunately, these days are raining season in my area. So, you really can imagine how much i am suffering. I want more healthy body, can i? Actually, i have started my Yoga class now, what to do, other than wanting a healthy body, i do hope to have a nice contour looking body. :)

I was told that Goji Berries is a good product for strengthening my immune system. This product includes dried goji berries, goji berry juice in both mixed or 100% pure. I would like to choose on Goji juice so that i can let my boy tries it too. My boy is quite easy to get runny nose and cough, so i really hope this Goji product can make my boy more stronger. Of course, i also hope it can cure my arthritis.

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