Thursday, August 02, 2007

360 Degree Feedback

I hate having the annual appraisal during those days when i was still working in the Singapore based company, as my ex-manager is kind of a long-winded man and used to talk non-stop, it could last for an hour or more if we didn't stop him. Actually, sometimes it's quite unfair to have this sort of one-to-one review as the mark given actually not truly based on the personal performance but is based on the personal views of the reviewer. Like my ex-manager, he's quite a subjective man, he would give person a very low mark if he has prejudice towards the person. How failure to be a department leader like this? I think my ex-boss really should consider to purchase the 360 degree feedback to ensure the personal performance is getting the right and fair treated hence to increase the team performance.


360 Degree Feedback said...

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360 degree feedback system said...

The 360 degree feedback provides idea about the skills and behaviors desired in the organization to accomplish the mission, vision, goals and live the values, 360 degree feedback system.

360 degree feedback said...

The behavior after the action of other planning sessions with each individual and their supervisor or manager.The Talking about the designs for development of skills in the future and Set the design skills in writing.