Friday, August 10, 2007

Everyone goes formal

Most of the time i go to "Malayna Boutique" to hunt for my formal dress whenever there is a special occasion. Be frankly, sometimes i really couldn't stand the salesgirls' attitude, they are having the pigeon eyes that like to look down at people. But no choice, "Malayna Boutique" is the only boutique that selling designer and elegant dresses in my place, so i can't see where else i can go for hunting my formal dress other than "Malayna Boutique".

Recently, i have found a great site that selling Formal Dresses at super low price. They are having wide range of dresses for choice which are including Evening Dresses and Evening Gown from famous designers. At first i thought the dresses would be very expensive since are from famous designers, but what's a wrong concept i had as they offer those dresses at unbelievable discount.

I can get my free delivery if i buy the dresses from ElegantMart, that's great and hassle free as i no longer convenient to do my shopping with 2 kids in tow.

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