Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fruitful night..

Wah..tonight is a good night for posties, why i said like this? As the PPP's opps keep popping out non-stop, at first only 4 left in my qualified opportunities but now it has 16 available opportunities. Wah wah wah...i missed all the high payout, but US5 i also "sapu" la....US5 for 100 words, fair la...right? OK, finish another 1 then i can go "oi-oi" liao...what a fruitful night for me to fish the opps!!


Simple American said...

Been hard to catch them over here. And I had 30+ choices. But all the good ones gray. Rats!!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

I also had many opps which i qualified for but all had the message "the opportunity was not approved or did not exsit" in red. Wonder what that meant. And they were all shaded grey. I only managed to grab 1 after refreshing my screen till my finger ached. What bummer!