Friday, August 03, 2007

Hubby is here again

Yeah..hubby is here again till next Monday, he's just came back but i have started to miss get what i mean? He will leave soon then i don't know how can i bear the separation till November! I know time passes fast, but i do hope the whole family can stay together at this moment! No choice, have to wait till Elijah finish all the jabs.


Lian said...

Wah, wait until November? You poor girl {hugs}. That's really tough to have your DH away for so long.
BTW, I've tagged you. What would you do with 1 Million Dollars. This is something to keep you busy when hubby is away.

Simple American said...

Wahlau! That is such a long time. Will pray for you to be strong and the time to pass quickly.