Friday, August 17, 2007

San Diego Window Tint

We can have a bright and scorching sun staying in tropical country, but i guess not everyone can stand the scorching heat especially during month of March. March is the hottest month in my area, I bet you still feel the hot even though you're staying in air-conditioner room. Some more, your air-conditioner needs to work much harder in order to keep your room cold. So, the hard run of compressor will finally increase your energy bill! In fact, you can install some quality window tint to block the sun rays hence to minimize the heat. Like my uncle who is staying in San Diego, though the sun over there is not as hot as the sun in Malaysia, he still installed the san diego window tint for his house hence to bring greater comfort for his family. The window films he chosen are nearly invisible on glass which still keep the natural tone of the house and block the heat at the same time.

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