Friday, August 17, 2007

Several contraception methods

I got a paper that stated different contraception methods from my gynae, she gave me upon my requested! Yeah, i have been thinking to opt for one among those methods as i plan to stop "yielding" though i do hope i can have a daughter. Raising kids is difficult nowadays, i admitted i am not a qualified mother as i always yell at my elder son, and due to the tight financial status as well as age catching up, stop processing seems as the best choice for the time being. :)

If you have same worry-minded like me, do think of the best method to suit you :
1. Combined oral contraceptives
2. IUD (Intrauterine device)
3. Injectable contraceptive
4. Vaginal methods
5. Single rod contraceptive implant
6. Progestin-only pills
7. Condoms
8. Natural method by counting the fertile time

I think most of the couples would opt for No.7 since it is safety and easier to be used, but i also believe not every man likes to wear the plastic! LOL

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