Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tag : SAHM or FTWM

Was tagged by Lian whether i prefer to be SAHM or FTWM.

Here are the rules:
1. If you are given a choice, SAHM or FTWM? Give at least 3 reasons.
2. Include your name in the thread below.
3. Tag 3 other people.

1. Immomsdaughter prefers to be a SAHM
2. Miche prefers to be a SAHM.
3. Msau prefers to be a PTWM.
4. Everydayhealy prefers to be a SAHM.
5. Jazzmint prefers FTWM.
6. Cheryl prefers to be a FTWM but will consider SAHM.
7. Mom of Cairo prefers to be a PTWM.
8. The New Parent is a WSMWTMC (but would like to be a PTWD).
9. Lian choose to be a SAHM
10. Hui Sia prefers to be a FTWM.

Well, i think most of you know i will prefer to be a FTWM rather than SAHM, why?
1. I prefer working as my job function allows me to have more personal time, sometimes i could do some personal things during my office hours. Personal time is what i most yearning for after having 2 kids.
2. I can socialize with people instead of facing the four pieces of wall everyday. I like to talk that's why staying at home is not suitable for me.
3. I can have my own income!

Those are my simple and straight forward reasons why i prefer to be FTWM, actually i have been thinking to find a job again if i am staying in Sabah permanently, hopefully my programming skill won't be rusty by then.

I think this is quite an "outdated" tag, so i won't tag anyone. Sorry for breaking the rule! :)

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