Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Binder or not?

How many mommies out here had tried the binder before? I never thought to buy a binder for myself, that's because i keep on believing breastfeeding diligently will burn out the extra fats that store in my tummy and thighs. But, i have received a lot of comments on the day of Elijah's full moon celebration. Everyone saw me would say "you still look like pregnant", i know i have big and flabby tummy though i already tried to hide my tummy under my shirt. But, it failed and people still able to notice it!

There was a nurse adviced me to wear binder as it helps to shrink my tummy to more nicer look, but i remember there was a book that mentioned it is not advisable to wear any binder right after giving birth of baby. This is because the binder will block the veins to have smooth blood flowing and eventually lead to have blood lumps inside the womb. So, the binder only advisable to wear after 42 days of delivery. That's why until now i haven't taken out my binder.

I want to have flat and tight tummy, but i will put my health in top priority first. And, i believe my tummy will go back to my pre-pregnancy look if i willing to spend my time on exercising, do you agree? If really exercise can't help, then how about i treat myself a luxury plastic surgery and sure it is helped, right? For sure, i will go ahead to book my time with the experienced plastic surgeon if i can find a good plastic surgery center which is as good as the services provided by los angeles plastic surgery center. If i am not able to find, then how about ask my hubby spends me to Los Angeles?

If you ask me why i like this plastic surgery center, ok, actually the answer is very simple, just because the los angeles tummy tuck and beverly hills liposuction procedures are well known and safety to everyone who undergoes these. In order to have more confidence look of course must consider my safe as well, right?

So, binder or not? I don't think binder can really help me to get back my tight tummy....of course, if i am not affordable to take plastic surgery, then binder will be helpful to me.

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