Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A vain pot asks for more prettier

Very sudden i found out myself no longer look young after gave birth of 2. I have not reached my 30 yet, but how come i look like 35?? Truth be told that woman's aging faster than man, look at my hubby, he is 6 years older than me, but he looks more younger than me! Gosh, there was an embarrassment situation when one of his friend pointed at me and asked him whether i was his elder sister. OMG, can you understand how was my feel? I almost wanted to dig a hole and hide myself in. Hey, i am his wife and not his elder sister, ok?!

From that day onwards, i have been trying a lot of methods to keep my appearance in the most ideal state, i go for facial and has been practicing yoga diligently, but those luxury spending still can't stop my aging process. I know, i can't compete with the natural happened....

But, can i have a day dreaming now? Can i dream about there is a fairy does a magic for me? Just use her magic wand and "ting-ting-ting" towards me...then i will change my look from ugly to pretty, is it possible? Well, just kidding, of course i know it is impossible. But asking my hubby pays me a visit to beverly hills plastic surgery is possible! If he wants his wife looks more younger than him, and get rid of those embarrassment happens then of course we need to find an experienced los angeles plastic surgeon to follow up my case, right??

Be frankly, i never thought of having los angeles breast augmentation until my hubby reminded me. Oh, ya, i almost forgotten most of the men like to fondle perky breasts, of course including my man!

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