Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bullion better than gold anklet

This coming Saturday we will have full moon celebration for our baby. In Chinese society, grandparents need to buy a gold anklet that symbolize healthy to their grandchild. Actually i found that the little anklet is inappropriate for a little baby. Some more i won't let my baby wears the anklet as i realized that the anklet will scratch the baby's smooth skin indeed. Normally i would keep the gold anklet in bank's safety box as a keepsake for my baby. How i wish my baby can receive a bullion from his paternal and maternal grandparents instead of gold anklet. Bullion, which is an unique investment and protect wealth, with the bullion, i believe it can be used as a future education fund for my kid as well since the gold bullion always maintains its value from the time of ancient till the modern days now.


Simple American said...

I could not agree with you more.

huisia said...

why not agree??

jo has one gold anklet before, and the anklet left a lot of red marks on his ankle. so terrible.

Simple American said...

I am agreeing with you. Sorry to write confusing comment.