Thursday, August 02, 2007

Healing my allergy with Colloidal Silver

I have suffered the terrible legs allergy, i don't know what is the main caused to this legs allergy, i got this after giving birth to my baby, is it due to hormone changed? I totally got no idea. The itchiness almost drives me to insane and i have to keep on scratching the red marks in order to stop the itch. One of my friend told me can use some ointment to stop the itch, ya, it can stop but just for temporarily as the itch would come back after the ointment worn off. I hate this feeling, should i go for doctor but i am afraid the medicine prescribed by the doctor will bring negative effects to my baby since i am breastfeeding him lately.

Yesterday, my aunt told me why don't i try the colloidal silver as its believes can speed up the healing of my allergy marks. Some more, it can be used as barrier against of germs and bacteria. Ya, i need this, as some of those marks already formed wounds, i am so afraid that the wounds will eventually leave scar on my legs. Aunt said she will bring back the colloidal silver for me tonight, hopefully this natural and true silver colloid can help me to get rid of those allergy!