Thursday, August 02, 2007

Classroom overcrowding problem

In here, lot of parents like to send their kids to Chinese medium schools, the situation is quite different than few years back as kids were sent to local government school than Chinese school despite their races. Now, we even can see a lot of Malay kids studying in Chinese School. That's why the Chinese schools are getting overcrowding recently. I heard my niece said there is about 60 students in a class, it's almost double the number of students if compare to my school time. The crowded situation is getting worse when comes to computer learning time in computer lab. You can imagine how pack of a medium-sized of a room that full of students and tables and chairs. Both students and teacher are difficult to reach each other as well due to this uncomfortable and packed arrangement of furnitures. Actually the school can adopt the idea by as the computer furniture provided by them is greatly minimizing the overcrowding within the classroom and still allow personal space for students.

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