Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Donate your boat to charity

This post brought to you by boatangel.

My father has a boat, but now no longer running. It has been laying at our backyard for few years, if you want my father throw the boat away, for sure he is not willing to do this as the boat has bought him some very good memory. But the old boatsometimes do like a huge crap over there, in fact, my mother has been making some noise and persuading my father to throw the boat away. I know my father always has dilemma, it seems wasteful to throw the boat away as the boat actually still looks complete unless some parts have been broken.
My Father was approaching a yatch club before as he was thinking to give the boat to them, but they refused to accept my father's kindness. I know in U.S, some non-profit Boat Donations center like Boat Angel will accept old and no function boats and yachts for charity purpose. Boat Angel has a charity list that allows people to choose the charity they want them to benefit from their old yacht, boat or trailer. As for their outreach centers are starting worldwide and ready to help risk kids, children and others.

I definitely will Donate my Boat If the boat is mine...:)