Monday, August 13, 2007

Roman Greenberg VS Damon Reed

This post brought to you by BackgammonMasters dot com.

I love to play backgammon game though i am always a loser, anyhow, i still always logon to backgammon online to meet other players in order to interchange our skills. And, i also learnt the game strategy in backgammon online, now what i need is to practice more as practice makes perfect. :) All the while i know is a major sponsor of Roman Greenberg, who is my favorite heavyweight boxer at 25 and he is going to battle the veteran boxer Damon Reed who is at 35 this coming August 18 at the South Town Exhibition Center in Sandy, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

I love to watch boxer program since i was young though i am a lady, i just love to watch this great atrocity battling by 2 boxers on the stage. Every battling part is interesting but the most interesting part is when the referee and audiences are doing the count while the knocked down one is trying to get his body up again. That's the joyous moment to watch boxer program and sometimes i do hope i could be there to feel the real battling atmosphere.

Speaking to Roman Greenberg, the coming fight will be the toughest battle for him, i am not sure who will be the winner, but with Roman Greenberg's unbeaten fight so far i believe the winner will be him. My hubby, who is the backgammon player as well also bet the Roman Greenberg will be the final winner. OK, let's wait for 18 August and we will have the answer soon.