Monday, August 06, 2007

I am waiting..

Now is about 9ish pm, but the PPP's opps keep popping has been quite a while for me not to stay up late and aim for the high payout. Some more it's so irritating as what i seen everytime is GRAY, of course still have some white available, but most of them are for U.S and Canadian posties or US5 for 300 words. If you are me, are you willling to write 300 words but only get US5?? Weird la, i am willing to get this little price from other sponsors, but definitely not from PPP....why ar? Maybe my conscious told me PPP always is the sponsor who is able to pay high...that's why!! I am still waiting to get a high paid post....i am not greedy, one is enough...please..

1 comment:

Simple American said...

The other sponsors for $5 don't require 300 words. I hate those long posts for little pay. Hang in there. Hope some good posts show up. :)