Monday, August 06, 2007

My sick uncle needs Colloidal Silver

My hubby's relatives all came back to our full moon party, i was great to see them all as i was initially thought they were so "giving face" to my baby, but i only managed to know actually their foremost plan was paid a visit to their elder brother who is currently having a severe sick. They have been zipping their mouth for not telling me the actual sickness, fine, maybe i am not from their Lai's family so that they have RIGHT for not telling me the truth.....

So heart pain to see this sick uncle as he looks pale and no longer has the tough appearance compare the time i was last seen him. He looks thin as well. I saw him gulped down several pills right after his meal while we had our breakfast in the restaurant. Then i heard another aunty told him about the dosage and effects of those pills since this uncle doesn't know how to read English. I held my word there, actually i wanted to tell him maybe he can try this colloidal silver as it believes can strengthen one's immune system. Sigh, why want to keep the news discreetly, i will help to find more information for him provided i can know more about what has been happened there..i keep on believing this colloidal silver can help him to beat his sickness.

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Simple American said...

Hope he can recover his health.